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 Anor Londo: City of the Gods

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PostSubject: Anor Londo: City of the Gods   Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:48 pm

The stones were beautifully bright in the golden sunlight. Lord Gwyn reigned and his leadership brought many to his aid in the building of the glorious city that was walled about on all sides. The cathedral held the north eastern quadrant, granted to Gwyndolin the young child of the moon. The steps of the delicate child of Gwyn seemed so opposite of the daughter of sunlight, the known and loved sister of fertility and sunlight. Gwynovere had all the appearance of womanhood, appearing to be warmth incarnate, gentle, inviting, radiant, and beautiful to behold. It was to her banner that many a young knight flocked. Gwyndolin was very aware of his sister's allure but he was content to be in her shadow, to be the counterpoint and opposite of her exuberance and energy.

While she was preparing for her wedding, her veiled withdrew to keep and maintain business affairs and to mind the matters of this kingdom. He remembered nothing of the war with the dragons. His was known only to Anor Londo and its expansive wonders. Nothing else mattered but this arrangement of laws. For there to be order there must certainly be laws. Especially as the humans who were burned with the dark sign came to find themselves here in their gleaming and glorious city. So many of them were beginning to flood the bergs beneath Anor Londo, beginning to warp even that once beautiful town into a decrepit and festering collection of flesh that was disgusting to look upon. Nevertheless, they seemed to be determined and driven for something. Many among them took to praying, yearning and beseeching the divines. How oft their prayers filled this sacred space.
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Anor Londo: City of the Gods
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